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keep up (something) = continue practising so as not to forget something
  • If you want to keep up your English, you should read and speak in English as much as you can.
  • Many people keep up old customs in the countryside and villages.
  • We keep up all traditional Christmas customs. 
  • She keeps up contact with all her old friends. 
  • She keeps up a regular correspondence with her family.
  • Although you are in a foreign country, you should try and keep up your native language too. 
  • I am afraid James still keeps up his bad old habits. 
  • Do you keep up your diet? I am really proud of you. 
  • I 'm really a nurse but it is difficult to keep my nursing skills up now that I am working as a waitress. 
  • It is difficult to keep your speaking skills up if you don 't actually speak the language. 

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