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put (something) behind = try to forget (something)
  • It was a very bad experience and we 're all trying to put it behind us now.
  • Put it behind you and go on with your life. Don 't think about the past.
  • Put the whole case behind you now. It 's over.
  • When dad came back home, we all decided to put the past behind us and make a fresh start.
  • We must all put behind us the fears, the bad times, the disappointments.
  • We have put our differences behind and we 're best friends again.
  • They used to fight a lot at the office but that 's all behind them now. They 've put the hatred behind them and they 're trying to cooperate.
  • At work you have to put your political views or other disagreements behind you and do your best for the firm.

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