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come along = appear
  • She always wanted to live abroad, so when the opportunity came along, she took it.
  • When the chance comes along, I 'll ask my boss for a raise.
  • We didn't intend to sell the house, but a very good offer came along and we changed our mind.
  • I was sitting alone on a bench in the park, when an old friend came along.
  • Jenny is so lively and funny! We always have a good laugh when she comes along.
  • Luckily, a car came along and we took Ben to hospital right away.
 come back (to somebody) = remember 
  • I had forgotten his name but when I saw him it came back to me.
  • I had a nightmare about my mother. It came back to me when she called me this morning.
  • I tried to remember what it was that I wanted to tell Jim but it never came back to me. It can't have been important.
  • She 's a lawyer at a firm called ... oh, I don't remember it. It will come back to me later.
  • She couldn't remember anything after the accident. Everything started to come back slowly a few days later.
  • I was afraid I wouldn't remember anything for the test but when I read the questions, it all came back.

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