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pick up = take in my hands
  • You dropped a coin on the floor. Pick it up!
  • The baby picks up whatever she finds on the floor.
  • The baby is crying. Can you pick her up, please?
  • The phone is ringing. Could you pick it up? I 'm in the bath.
  • Pick your coat up off the floor.
  • Pick up the ball and throw it at me.
  • Pick up your magazines off the floor, please.
  • He picked up a stone and threw it towards the sea.
come apart =  break, break into pieces
  • I can't believe my camera has come apart. It cost me a fortune!
  • A brand new watch and it 's come apart. I 'm never buying this make again.
  • The findings in the ancient tomb were so fragile, that they came apart when archaeologists touched them. 
  • It 's a very convenient table for a pic nic. The legs come apart and you can put it in the car.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes apart easily and yo can clean it inside.
  • When a marriage comes apart, the children shouldn't be left to feel abandoned. 
  • When the family comes apart, children suffer. 

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