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descend from
am descended from   = come from relatives that lived a long time ago
  • He is descended from a very well-known family.
  • He claims to be descended from a royal family.
  • Life forms today descended from different older forms in a long process of millions of years.
  • He is descended from a long line of artists.
  • Many people today believe that all living organisms on Earth are descended from one common acestor.
take back = admit that what you said was wrong
  • I 'm sorry I called you a thief. I take it back. I was wrong.
  • I was so rude. Forget everything I said. I take it all back.
  • I 'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I take it back.
  • I take back everything I said about you not helping others. You have helped me many times in the past, it 's true.
  • Did I really say that you were selfish? If I did, I take it back now. You are not.
  • I have accused him of many things in tha past but now I take back all accusations. He has really changed to the better.

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