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look over (something) = take a look at something, read something quickly
  • I have looked over your calculations and they seem correct.
  • I looked over your sketches. You can draw really well.
  • I have looked over the statistics. The economy of the country seems to be improving.
  • I always look over Zoe 's homework before she hands it in to the teacher.
  • The teacher looked over our tests but she hasn 't corrected them yet.
  • Always look over your essay before you give it to the teacher.
  • We 're thinking of going on holiday this summer and we 've been looking over travel brochures. 
  • Politicians look over their notes before making a speech. 
  • The teacher looked the boy over and asked him if what the children had said was true.
  • She just looked me over and told me to leave.

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